Our services

Through our team of dedicated professionals, we are happy to provide the service necessary to assist you in the successful application of your visa to Europe. From Start to Finish, we will do our utmost to provide you with as smooth an experience as possible and will keep you informed about the progress at all times. No matter what your intention of stay in Europe might be: Short Stay, Long Stay, Business, Tourist, Marriage, Visit or Family Reunion - We are here to help you!

We offer multi-channel communication support to ensure you can contact us at any time with your concerns, questions or worries.

You can find an extract of the services we provide below. For a detailed and tailored requirement list based on the services we can offer, contact us right away.

Main services

  • Determine your eligibility and the most appropriate visa concerning your travel plans
  • Making appointments with all required intermediaries or embassies in Thailand
  • Preparation and complete review of all documents necessary for the application (personal information, financial information, professional status…)
  • Assistance in all steps involving collecting documents from Thai or Foreign authorities
  • A permanent availability until the result of the application
  • Expert advice

Additional services

  • Compliant Identity photographs respecting the relevant European standard ISO/IEC 1979465 2005
  • Travel Insurance
  • Photocopies
  • Translation of documents
  • Plane reservation, train ticket reservation in Europe, Hotel reservation
  • legalizations
  • police clearance certificate