Schengen Visa Specialist

Our team includes experts having previous work experiences with Embassies or with visa service providers such as TLS Contact or VFS.

Visa Assistance from A to Z

We provide a complete assistance package during the whole process of the visa application. We will be by your side to identify the matching visa, collect and review all documents necessary for the application, fill out the visa request form, make an appointment to the relevant administration.

Superior quality service and assistance

We guarantee to respond to the needs of all our clients through a permanent assistance for all types of visa, be it short term or long term. We also have at disposal several added services which will correspond to the needs of our customers and to the requirements of the Embassies.

Efficiency and proven result

Our know-how and the quality of our assistance allow us to obtain exceptional results no matter the complexity of the application. We treat all cases equally.

Multi-Language support: Thai, French, German, English

Europe Visa Services provides a multilingual support in French, Thai, English and German to deliver clear and detailed assistance to all our clients.

Best Value for Money in Thailand

Our expertise and the services we provide allow us to offer more value and quality at a lower price than that of our competitors.

Europe Visa Services Co., Ltd.

You live in Thailand and face increasingly complex administrative procedures in applying for a Visa in Europe, UK, United States, Canada, China, India, Australia, Africa or any other country or continent…? Or your visa applications have already been denied several times?

Europe Visa Services Co., Ltd. brings you the assistance necessary for all your International Visa requests.
Europe Visa Services Co., Ltd., through their team of former Embassy and service provider staff, can guide you through the maze of documents.

We will accompany you during the whole process of the Visa Application, whichever type of visa you desire. Take advantage of our multilingual team: English, Thai, French and German.

Europe Visa Services Co., Ltd. is a legally registered company with the registration number: 0105561086773


Europe Visa Services Co., Ltd. provides advisory and assistance services. The Embassies are the only competent bodies in making the decisions of either granting or denying a Visa Application. In this regard, Europe Visa Services Co., Ltd. cannot be held responsible for respective Embassies denying the Visa Application.